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Aim of the course

To provide candidates with the basic skills necessary to become an examiner. By the end of the course the trainee examiner should be able to conduct a License Skill Test, License Proficiency Check and Operator Proficiency Check, where applicable, including the briefing, assessment and debriefing, to the standard required by the RCAA.

Course Entry Requirements

Trainee examiners for this course must satisfy the TRE or SFE prerequisites as detailed in FCL.1010.TRE or FCL.1010.SFE., anyway applicants for an examiner certificate shall demonstrate relevant knowledge, background and appropriate experience related to the privileges of an examiner, this may include the personality and character of the applicant and their cooperation with the RCAA. The RCAA may also take into account whether the applicant has been convicted of any relevant criminal or other offenses.

The applicant must fill standard form FCL-S-A-EXAM on behalf of RCAA.

Structure and time scale of the course

1. Standards course

  • Classroom training                                                                                    8hrs.

2. Synthetic Flight Training

  • Full Flight Simulator Training                                                                  8hrs./crew in a FFS

3. Examiner Assessment of Competence

  • Conduct a check on a “live” LPC or Skill Test  and 
Observe by a RCAA Inspector or a SE.                                                    2hrs/student

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